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2013 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 9

Superb week in Week 8. Let's hope the momentum continues!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was one of those really nice weeks where everything fell into place, and even the games that were wrong were quite close. The Predictor was 9-4 last week, bringing its season record to 61-56-3, just a hair under the 52.4% needed to break even in Vegas. Three of the four losses were covering in the 4th quarter as well, including the Redskins epically collapsed to the Broncos. It was not fun.

Picking straight up it was another impressive 10-3, losing at the horn with the Cowboys. Season record now 79-41, or 65.8%. Feeling really good this season how these are working out. This week isn't off to a great start, as it had the Bengals winning comfortably, and that didn't quite happen...

Picks for Week 9:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Dolphins 17 Bengals 27 74.3%
Panthers 34 Falcons 22 78.5%
Cowboys 29 Vikings 19 74.8%
Jets 17 Saints 26 72.8%
Rams 22 Titans 21 52.1%
Bills 15 Chiefs 22 69.3%
Redskins 27 Chargers 26 52.1%
Raiders 22 Eagles 16 64.9%
Seahawks 28 Buccaneers 12 85.4%
Browns 22 Ravens 20 54.6%
Patriots 22 Steelers 20 54.8%
Texans 19 Colts 23 60.4%
Packers 33 Bears 23 74.9%

SuperContest went 3-2, bringing season record to 21-19. I had the Bengals Thursday night, so I'm 0-1 on the week already. I'm going off-Predictor for one this week, and it's Seattle at home giving all the points to the Bucs. It won't be remotely close. Also picking four favorites, which is really, really strange. Just how they fell this week.

  • Bengals -2.5 at Dolphins
  • Chiefs -3 at Bills
  • Panthers -7.5 vs. Falcons
  • Seahawks -16 vs. Buccaneers
  • Steelers +6.5 at Patriots