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Reggie Wayne: Ultimate teammate and... coach?

Reggie Wayne's season as a player is done. However, that doesn't mean Reggie Wayne isn't doing everything he can to help the Colts win football games.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Wayne’s 2013 season is over.

However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t doing anything and everything possible to help his team win football games.

Despite tearing his ACL in the Indianapolis Colts’ thrilling 39-33 win over the Denver Broncos three weeks ago, Wayne is taking on a different role now that he’s been placed on injured reserve. He’s functioning as, basically, another offensive assistant coach.

Here’s ESPN’s Mike Wells with the details:

Indianapolis Colts injured receiver Reggie Wayne didn’t go to Houston just to surprise his teammates the night before their game against the Texans. Wayne also provided an extra set of eyes for offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton.

"In between series, I would pass over the pictures and ask his opinion," Hamilton said. "And, of course, during the series he had a job. His job was to watch their slot coverage and give myself and [quarterback] Andrew [Luck] feedback."

As if being a great player, an awesome person, and, at one point, spurning the Patriots to re-sign with the Colts for less money wasn’t enough to make Reggie Wayne a local legend, now he’s traveling with the team on road games and acting as another coach in the booth.

If Wayne ever has to pay for a meal in a local Indianapolis restaurant, it’s a sin.