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Colts Notes: Friday, December 20, 2013

What did Colts head coach Chuck Pagano have to say in his press conference today?

Michael Hickey

Taking a look at what Chuck Pagano said in his press conference today...


  • Here's the injury report from Chuck Pagano on Friday: DOUBTFUL: Ricky Jean Francois, Jeff Linkenbach, Sergio Brown, Joe Reitz, Montori Hughes. QUESTIONABLE: Daniel Adongo, Hugh Thornton, Greg Toler, T.Y. Hilton.  PROBABLE: Aubrayo Franklin, Robert Mathis, Donald Brown, Samson Satele, LaVon Brazill, Stanley Havili.  MY TAKE: It might have been easier to just copy and paste the Colts roster here and delete the names of people not on the injury report this week rather than type them out... there's a lot of injured guys on the Colts.  Goal number one right now: get healthy.
  • Asked about T.Y. Hilton and whether he reaggrivated his shoulder injury that he first suffered against Arizona, Pagano said: "Yeah, it's just been lingering a little bit. Flares up every now and then so it's more us holding him out and resting him to make sure we get him to Sunday."  He added that Hilton is "a tough kid and I think you'd have to pull the arm off him to get him out of the game."  MY TAKE: I would much rather the Colts take it easy now (even if it means no T.Y. this weekend) and get Hilton healthy than enter the playoffs with one of their most important players dealing with a lingering injury.  Resting him is a very smart move for the Colts.  It also could give the other guys (Da'Rick Rogers, LaVon Brazill, Griff Whalen) more work, which wouldn't be a bad thing either.  I really don't think playing without T.Y. Hilton this weekend is that bad of a thing right now for the Colts.  They need to look bigger picture.
  • When asked if this is the closest Greg Toler has been to playing since his injury, Pagano replied "yeah" and also confirmed that Toler was held out of practice yesterday as a precaution.  The coach said that Toler looked good in practice this week.  MY TAKE: He's still questionable and I'm still not sure if he will go, but at least for the first time in a while I'm hopeful.  Hey, that's an improvement!
  • On the Colts injury situation, Pagano that "It's like everybody else. We're not the only that's pregnant right now. We got what we got. We got a job to go do and we're going to get it done. Try to find a way."  MY TAKE: I hope the Colts are pregnant with an offensive lineman, because they sure could use some help there... but seriously, yeah, good perspective from the head coach.  There's no room for feeling sorry for themselves.


  • Pagano said that it is still a "wait and see" approach to the starting offensive line this Sunday.  Also talking about the offensive line situation, Pagano said that "we're in great shape. Awesome. They're ready to roll."  MY TAKE: It's pretty much a wait and see which offensive linemen can actually go Sunday and then use them - there likely won't be much room for Pagano to move things around but the line on Sunday will likely be out there because they're really the only options.  And as far as that second quote about the line, don't freak out about it.  Knowing Pagano, there was a slight bit of humor there, and the reporter who asked that question even chuckled after the response.  Pagano had the slightest smile that we've seen before, and really, it's not out of character for him to say something like that - you just have to know who he is and how he works.  Additionally, what else was he going to say even if he was one hundred percent serious?  This was really the only thing he could possibly say.  He knows what the situation is, but he also trusts his guys and also realizes there's really nothing he can do about it at this point with a game on Sunday and so many injured guys.
  • Chuck Pagano talked about Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and said that he "gets the ball out quick. He's decisive in his decision making. He's got playmakers all around him. He's doing a great job of making decisions and managing the game. I think 23 touchdowns and six interceptions is great numbers for anybody. So he's doing a great job of running that offense and that system."  He also said that Smith is a "very, very athletic guy."  MY TAKE: Alex Smith is certainly having a good season and will provide a test for the Colts' secondary, but at the same time he is greatly helped by playmakers around him (like Jamaal Charles) as Pagano mentioned as well today.  He's a good quarterback, there's no doubt, but he's not the defense's biggest concern this week.


Practice report courtesy of


  • LaVon Brazill, WR (foot)
  • Donald Brown, RB (neck)
  • Stanley Havili, FB (knee)
  • Samson Satele, C (elbow)
  • Robert Mathis, OLB (rest)
  • Aubrayo Franklin, NT (rest)


  • Greg Toler, CB (groin)
  • Daniel Adongo, OLB (hamstring)
  • T.Y. Hilton, WR (shoulder)


  • Sergio Brown, S (groin)
  • Montori Hughes, DT (knee)
  • Ricky Jean Francois, DT (foot)
  • Jeff Linkenbach, OL (quad)
  • Joe Reitz, OL (concussion)
  • Hugh Thornton, OL (neck)

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