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Final Predictions: Colts at Chiefs, NFL Week 16

Stampede Blue's writers pick who will win.

Peter Aiken

Nick Ragsdale:

Jamaal Charles is one of the scariest players in the league and Kansas City's defense can generate a lot of pressure.

But - these are the Colts. They win the games they are supposed to have no chance in. I will probably regret it but I'm taking the Colts to win - they will find a way.


Matt Grecco:

This is very tough to pick a winner, as neither team has played well against a good team as of late. I want to see the Colts play two games well in a row before saying they can win on the road against a good team. It'll be close throughout, with the Chiefs winning at the end. I hope I'm proven wrong, but until I see it I can't say the Colts can do it.

Chiefs 25, Colts 23

Josh Wilson:

I don't think the Colts will win this Sunday in Kansas City, but if these two teams are playing again in two weeks in Lucas Oil Stadium, I think I like the Colts. But on Sunday in Kansas City with a bunch of injuries? Yeah, I'm taking the Chiefs. COLTS 17, CHIEFS 27