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Colts Notes: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What did Colts head coach Chuck Pagano have to say in his press conference today?

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Taking a look at what Chuck Pagano said in his press conference today...


  • Mario Harvey was placed on injured reserve yesterday, but we were not aware of what the injury was.  Chuck Pagano said today that Harvey suffered a torn meniscus, which was the reason he was placed on IR.  He said that he "did an exceptional job as a special teamer."
  • Pagano said that offensive lineman Jeff Linkenbach will miss this weekend's game against the Cincinatti Bengals due to his torn quadricep.  That is why the team promoted Xavier Nixon from the practice squad yesterday - to provide insurance with Link's injury.  Pagano said that Mike McGlynn, Hugh Thornton, and Joe Reitz are all in competition for the two starting guard spots.  MY TAKE: Jeff Linkenbach got the start last week at right guard, but that won't happen this week.  We'll see who takes his spot - and don't just assume McGlynn gets it because he was starting all season, either.  It really could be Joe Reitz over McGlynn.
  • Pagano said that Greg Toler, Josh Gordy, and Kavell Conner will work in individual drills today and that the Colts will evaluate their progress to see about Sunday.  About Toler, Pagano said that, "we'll be smart with him."  MY TAKE: The Colts have been playing without these players for a while now, so while their returns would be nice it's not like playing without them is something that they aren't used to.  With the way their injuries have been trending - especially Toler's - I'm still not sure about whether he plays this week, and it doesn't sound like Pagano is either.  We'll see as the week goes on.  Thursday and Friday are the two days to really watch in terms of practice participation, etc.


  • The big talk today was about newly promoted linebacker Daniel Adongo.  Pagano said that, "he's run around and tackled people before without pads... and I expect it might be more physical and violent with pads."  He said that, "If he gets an opportunity, people are going to be able to see" what Adongo can do and that "every single week he has been getting better and better."  He said not to be shocked to see Adongo knock some people around.  In terms of Adongo's role, Pagano said that his role will primarily be special teams, as there's not a great need for him at outside linebacker.  MY TAKE: I'm really excited to see what he can do and am really happy he gets this chance.  I will definitely be watching him closely on Sunday, if only on special teams.  By the way, he has switched to number 56 and told some other media members today that he is up to 270 pounds now, gaining 32 pounds.
  • Pagano said that winning the division is their first goal and would be a great accomplishment and a tribute to the players and coaches.  MY TAKE: And also a tribute to the AFC South being terrible. But in all seriousness, don't let that take away from the division title - as Pagano noted, it certainly is a big accomplishment for this team.
  • Pagano was asked specifically about the possibility of benching wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey and also center Samson Satele, and he dodged both questions.  He said that all moves are on the table but did not specifically address Satele, and also said that the Colts have 4 options at wide receiver, the same thing he said on Monday.  MY TAKE: With some of the recent moves that Pagano has made (benching Trent Richardson and Mike McGlynn), it shouldn't surprise us if he makes more moves like that.  And it wouldn't be a bad thing, either.
  • With everything going on with Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin being too far out on the white stripe, Pagano was asked about it and said that it happens all the time and that the Colts have a get-back coach to keep players and coaches from wandering out too far. MY TAKE: While the Tomlin thing has been overblown, it is indeed the rule.  But that said, it does happen all of the time, as Pagano said, which leads me to say that this has been way overblown.

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