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Podcast: Stampede Blue Talks Trent Richardson, Ryan Grigson, And Failure

Brad Wells and Josh Wilson of Stampede Blue waste your time for an hour talking about everything WRONG with the Indianapolis Colts. Oh, and they preview the Colts v. Bengals game too.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We hadn't done a podcast in a while, and for those of you who have commented, emailed, and tweeted us that you missed the podcasts, my apologies that it took us so long to make a new one.

For this one, Josh and I decided to spend much of our time analyzing why we have problems with this Colts team. For us, it goes far deeper than just losing Reggie Wayne for the season. The issues are at the corps of the franchise, starting at the top.

Even though we aren't gushing about the team, we hope you enjoy our little podcast, dated 12/5/2013: