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Predictification - Super Bowl XLVII

Predicting the NFL action before it happens isn't easy... unless you're a Predictificationist like me. Sit back, relax and know that you've come to the right place.

Christian Petersen

THIS REGULAR SEASON: 164-91*-1 (.643)

PLAYOFFS: 7-3 (.700)


It's the moment you've all been waiting for - the Predictificationist takes on Super Sunday. As some of you will recall, I predicted the Ravens would get here way back on August 29, 2012. The powers are strong.

Many people have asked that I use my powers to predict more than just the Super Bowl outcome. My family (as do many others) participates each year in the fun 'mock bets' that surround the game. This year, I share this joy with you.

So, without further adieu - the Ragsdale family Mock Bets for Super Bowl XLVII:

Will the National Anthem (sung by Alicia Keyes) last longer than two minutes?

- No. Vegas has the over/under set at 2:15 - which is an obvious no. The longest Super Bowl performance I could find was Whitney Houston's in 1991 that still clocked in at less than two minutes. Even when Christina Aguilera botched the anthem in 2011 she was at 1:54. Take the under.

Heads or Tails?

- Tails. Why? No joke - the heads/tails split over the previous 46 Super Bowls are 23 each. Currently 'heads' is on a four year winning streak and no coin toss has ever been the same five years in a row. It's gotta be time for tails, right?

Which team will score first?

- 49ers. To take that prediction even further I think it'll be a David Akers field goal. I think the Ravens will start slow.

Who has the lead at halftime?

- 49ers. See above.

Will Jay Z join Beyonce on stage during the halftime show?

- Yes. It's gotta be yes, right? I can't see Beyonce not pulling out all the stops to make this show entertaining... and we know he's there.

Which quarterback will have the most passing yards?

- Joe Flacco. This is the easy answer since Kaepernick uses his legs a lot more.

Which running back will have more rushing yards?

- Ray Rice. I know that he doesn't always get a lot of touches but I'm not real big on Frank Gore in this game - especially is Kaepernick is rolling.

Will Ray Lewis make a sack, interception or force/recover a fumble?

- Yes. He has to, right? With all the hype surrounding the man and the adrenaline that will be pouring through him he has to make a big play.

Will Randy Moss catch a touchdown pass?

- Yes. Fresh off of declaring himself the greatest receiver of all time, Moss will convince the 49ers to a deep shot early.

Will there be a touchdown scored on defense or special teams?

- No. A lot of people will jump on this one because of the strength of each of these defenses, but I don't think so. I think both offenses are careful and protect the football.

Will either team make a field goal longer than 46 yards?

- No. In Super Bowl history there have only been four field goals that were 50 yards or longer. Fact is, most coaches won't take chances in the Super Bowl and field goals longer than 46 yards are considered a bit risky - even at an indoor stadium.

Will there be more than 47 total points scored in the game?

- Yes. I'm predicting 55.

Make your Super Bowl MVP predictions - one from each team.

- Colin Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin. Joe Flacco would be too easy and something tells me that Boldin is going to come down with some big catches in this game. If the 49ers win it'll be because of the play of Colin Kaepernick.

Let's recap the previous predictions:

I went .500 last week and had a real shot at going 2 for 2 before the Falcons gave away the game. Here's a recap of what I said... and what happened.

Here's why I'm a genius:

1) Ravens @ Patriots

What I said: Call me crazy (OK, not really - words are hurtful) but I think the Ravens can win this week in New England. I know, they are HUGE underdogs - but that didn't stop them last season when they nearly (and should have) pulled it off.

    My gut tells me this is a close game, similar to last season, that the Ravens pull out at the end. The Baltimore defense will be the story as it frustrates and harasses Tom Brady all day long. Flacco throws a late touchdown to win it.

    Take the Ravens.

    RAVENS WIN 27-24

    What happened: Tom Brady was visibly frustrated (I loved it) with just a 62.3 QB rating and tossing a couple of costly interceptions. The Ravens defense shut out the Patriots in the second half and held the New England offense to just 13 points - definitely the story of the day. Joe Flacco didn't throw one TD pass to win - he threw two in the fourth quarter with the game in doubt.

Here's why I'm dumb:

1) 49ers @ Falcons

What I said: I'm not on the Colin Kaepernick bandwagon - there, I said it. I, like everyone else, had a lot of fun watching him last week - it was VERY impressive. You are crazy (I know, words hurt) if you think the Falcons won't come up with a plan - and that Kaepernick can pull off a ONCE in a lifetime performance TWICE.

    I think the Falcons will respond with confidence after their first playoff win of the Matt Ryan era. The game will be close but I think Atlanta overcomes some early struggles and wins this one at the end.

    Take the Falcons - Matt Ryan has a great day and Colin Kaepernick comes back to earth.

    FALCONS WIN 34-27

What happened: Well, I was half right. Matt Ryan threw for 396 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. Colin Kaepernick threw for 233 yards and 1 touchdown - and only ran for 21 yards. The Falcons took the early lead and just let the 49ers hang around for too long. Tough loss for the Falcons in a game they should have won.

    Before we get to the games, here are some other fearless predictions, news and notes for the Super Bowl:

  • There are reports that Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis used deer antler spray as a supplement (it includes a type of HGH as I understand), which can't be tested for under the league's current policy. To avoid the controversy Lewis should have used what I use - Tiger Blood. (Thanks for the tip, Charlie)
  • 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver recently said that he 'don't do the gay guys' and that they 'ain't got no gay people on the team' and 'they gotta get up outta here if they do'. Apparently Culliver 'don't do the English classes' and he 'ain't got no clue on how to talk' and 'he betta get back to school if he do'.
  • With all the movie sequels that are coming out, why don't we get commercial sequels, too? I'm thinking this year would be a good time to bring back the 'Bud Bowl' commercials of my youth.
  • I picked up some chatter that the Colts made an initial offer to the Jets for cornerback Darrelle Revis this week (as did other teams). I have no idea what was offered or if the Colts have any real shot at landing Revis (I'm not sure I want them to, unless the price is right). But - just for laughs, can you imagine the Colts secondary next season with Revis, Vontae Davis, Antoine Bethea and Ed Reed (assuming the Colts can pick him up, too)? The thought of this made me pee a little.

    On to the pick!

      Baltimore Ravens (13-6) at San Francisco 49ers (13-4-1)

      Line - 49ers by 3.5

      As I said earlier - I think the Ravens will start slow. Look for the 49ers to get the running game going early and then getting some chunk plays of off playaction. The Ravens won't really get going until late in the second quarter.

      HALFTIME SCORE PREDICTION - 49ers 17, Ravens 7

      In the second half the Ravens will begin to dominate on defense and force a turnover or two. Things get rolling for Baltimore and Flacco will start to hit some deep passes - giving the Ravens the lead.

      I think Flacco throws for over 300 yards, Rice runs for 80 or more and Boldin catches a couple of touchdowns. Anquan Boldin is your Super Bowl MVP and the Ravens take home the crown.

      I took the Ravens at the beginning of the season - I can't turn back now. Take the Ravens

      RAVENS WIN 31-24


        Questions, comments and complaints can be sent to my email,

        Agree? Disagree? As always, comments are welcome! I will track my picks during the season and brag when I'm right (and pretend I was right when I'm wrong). Pick against me if you dare - remember, I'm a Predictificationist.

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