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Should Colts Pursue WR Percy Harvin, Who The Vikings Reportedly Want To Trade?

Will Ryan Grigson be calling up Vikings GM Rick Spielman on a possible trade for Harvin?


[Editor's Note]: Please welcome Evan Sidery to Stampede Blue.-Brad

After more issues with Leslie Frazier and the rest of the Minnesota Vikings staff, Percy Harvin looks to be on the way out. Mike Max of WCCO reports that Vikings general manager, Rick Spielman will actively pursue a trade for the disgruntled wideout.

The question is, could Ryan Grigson be calling up Spielman on a possible trade?

It is well known that the Colts will need a second go-to reciever either in the upcoming draft or free agency. Reggie Wayne is not going to stay around forever and T.Y. Hilton is meant to be played in the slot. Could Harvin be that piece that the Colts pursue?

Harvin will likely take a third rounder from the Colts to try and pry away from Minnesota. Harvin was being talked about as a possible MVP candidate until he got hurt a quarter of the way through the season.

He finished with 62 receptions for 677 yards, and 3 touchdowns. Harvin would give the Colts a future number one reciever wants Reggie hangs up his cleats, but is it the right choice? Percy will likely be asking for an extension around $10 million if he's traded after all.

There could be a lot of positives to having Harvin catching slant routes and deep balls from Andrew Luck, but the negatives totally outweigh them. He has been known to cause problems with the coaching staff up in Minnesota and is always on the injury report. You always have to worry about migraines and nagging injuries possibly coming up with Harvin.

Another reason why I think the Colts won't be in the Harvin sweepstakes is due to their lack of draft picks this year. They only have 5 picks due to trades for T.Y. Hilton, Vontae Davis, and Winston Justice. The Vikings will likely want a team that holds multiple picks in the 2nd or 3rd round. Teams with many draft picks, such as San Francisco, make much more sense than the Colts.

Let's just stop the rumors right now before they get started. Do not expect the Colts to be pursuing Harvin with the lack of assets that the Vikings desire.