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Ten Rapid Fire Questions With Andrew Luck's Totally Not Frozen Head, @andrewluckshead

The often hilarious Twitter handle @andrewluckshead took a few moments to answer some questions from Stampede Blue.


The often hilarious Twitter handle @andrewluckshead recently took a few moments to answer some questions from Stampede Blue. Among other things, we discussed how Andrew Luck's head, and not his full body, has a popular Twitter account. We also talk NFL Draft, new offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, and living in the shadow of Peyton Manning's head. (zing!)

Thanks to @andrewluckshead for taking the time to chat. Follow his Twitter handle because he's kind of a laugh riot.


Stampede Blue: So, what's it like to be simply Andrew Luck's head? I ask this because I assume you don't have his body as well.

@andrewluckshead: I really enjoy it. It's particularly entertaining while a game is going on. I enjoy making people laugh.

Stampede Blue: Is there an @RG3sHead Twitter handle? If so, did it stupidly handle its leg injury as well?

@andrewluckshead: As far as I know there is not an @RG3sHead yet. I'm sure he wouldn't agree with how his leg was handled.

Stampede Blue: How fun was 2012 for you? What was your favorite moment?

@andrewluckshead: This year was a blast. This account has grown faster than I ever anticipated. I think the success the team had really helped out a lot. Many people only had them winning 3 or 4 games. I thought they could get 8 and they obviously exceed that. My favorite moment would have to be the comeback against the Lions.

Stampede Blue: Is there now added pressure on your head (zing!) to win more games in 2012?

@andrewluckshead: I'm sure there is. When you win 11 games after only winning 2. Now I'm sure nothing less than a Super Bowl will be expected.

Stampede Blue: Does @PeytonsHead bully you?

@andrewluckshead: Sometimes, @PeytonsHead has, but it's all for pure entertainment. He's one of the classiest accounts on Twitter.

Stampede Blue: Should Colts fans be concerned that Bruce Arians left for Arizona?

@andrewluckshead: I don't think the fans should be worried. They were smart to go after Pep Hamilton. The chemistry between coordinator and QB is already established.

Stampede Blue: If Arians succeeds in 'Zona, but the Colts take a step back in 2013 under Chuck Pagano's guidance, is Pagano's job in jeopardy?

@andrewluckshead: I don't think so. Arizona needs a quarterback. No quarterback, no success. This is a quarterback league.

Stampede Blue: Of the free agent WRs available out there this offseason, which one would you most like to throw passes to in 2013?

@andrewluckshead: Dwayne Bowe would be a great addition.

Stampede Blue: If someone makes a @MattBarkleysHead handle, will you two fight in a cage match?

@andrewluckshead: Nah, we'll just fight it out on Twitter. But that should be easy, USC quarterbacks never amount to anything in the NFL.

Stampede Blue: And finally, give me a prediction as to who your Colts will draft in the first round in 2013.

@andrewluckshead: Lane Johnson - Oklahoma