Well sportsfans, it's official

Both Dwight Freeney and Austin Collie have been released. While I wish both of them the best of luck, I hope two things happen. First, I hope Austin takes the initiative and retires. However, I doubt he will. Second, I want the Colts to resign Freeney if possible. He has voiced his desire to play his entire career here and retire as a Colt. That being said, I understand that it's a 'homerish' pipe dream on my part. He doesn't fit in our system and, as a result, isn't likely to contribute enough to justify a roster slot. But with Freeney, I think he could still contribute in a 4-3 scheme which means we could see him lining up against us next year. More than likely, he would end up on a play-off caliber team and I would hate to have to put his team out in the second round (after our bye week, of course!).

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