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Stampede Blue's Draft Coverage: From The Combine To Radio City Music Hall

With the Combine happening this weekend, we outline the coverage you'll see on Stampede Blue, including an opportunity for you to help profile potential prospects.


We're just over two months now until the 2013 NFL Draft, and we here at Stampede Blue are gearing up for an information overload on potential future Colts. It's a process where we can learn about quite a bit about many players, and we are better armed with information when the Colts actually do take one of the players we profile (like this one from last year).

What do we have on tap for you? The Colts have even more positions of need this year than they did a year ago, which is a little strange to think about after an 11-5 season and a playoff berth. However, they desperately need an influx of talent at numerous positions, and without a clear direction for their first round pick, there's lots of prospects to go over. At this moment, before Free Agency, I see draftable positions for the Colts to be: RB, FB, WR, OT, OG, C, DE, NT, OLB, ILB, CB, SS.

I combed through the list of invitees to the Combine, and picked out 188 players that I think we should profile. Yes, it's a huge number, but it'll undoubtedly shrink once the Colts sign a few guys in Free Agency. For example, if they go sign a Right Tackle, I don't see any way that OT would be a priority in the draft. Same can probably be said about Center, Inside LB, or Strong Safety. For now, though, we'll be marching forward with this large group of prospects. Over the course of this week I'll be previewing each position groups, why I think the Colts will be looking to upgrade there through the draft, and which players we'll be profiling. That way you can watch the players this weekend at the Combine.

With this kind of undertaking, and with readers that watch many more college games than us writers can, we'd like your help with our draft previews. In fact, somebody has already started, and we want to give everyone an opportunity to help. You'll get your write-up on the main page, and a slim chance your profile gets read by the prospect himself (happened to several of them last year, especially the small school guys). Want to help out? Send me an email with a couple pieces of information:

  • Which region of the country you live in / which college you follow closest.
  • If you want to focus on a certain position or two
  • How many would you like to write? I'm going to cap it at once a week, but if you just want to do 1 of them, please let me know!

I'm pumped to dive in once again to the draft profiles, and am looking forward to finishing what we started, something I was unable to do last year thanks to a new job and unknown time commitments. We want to make Stampede Blue the one-stop source of Colts draft news, and your help will make that happen!