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Video: Breaking Down What Pep Hamilton Will Bring To Colts As The New Offensive Coordinator

Stampede Blue breaks down what Pep Hamilton will bring to Indianapolis as the new O.C.

Remember the pre-draft SportsCenter specials that ESPN ran last year with former Buccaneers and Raiders head coach Jon Gruden talking to quarterbacks like Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, and Andrew Luck? Sure you do. You also probably remember the part where Gruden broke down the play 'Spider 2 Y Banana' with Luck, and how Luck was mistakenly throwing to the backside. Great stuff.

In this video with SBN Studios, I'm not breaking down 'Spider 2 Y Banana.' Instead, I focus on the overall changes that new Colts offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton, will bring to Indianapolis from Stanford. Stanford runs a variation of the famed West Coast Offense, and Hamilton will bring that offense to Indy, which is a rather significant change to what we're used to seeing. These changes include:

  • More slant routes
  • Power running
  • A true fullback

We talk about these things and more in the video. Check it out: