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2013 NFL Scouting Combine: Ryan Grigson Thinks Corner And Defensive Line Are Deep In This Draft Class

Ryan Grigson seems to really like the corner and defensive line positions in this year's NFL Draft.


What's a fun thing to do at the 2013 NFL Scouting Combine?

Dig for hidden meanings whenever your favorite team's general manager has his Combine presser.

In the case of Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson, you don't have to dig too deep to gauge what he's thinking because, quite interestingly, he's become even more frank and honest when discussing the draft with the media. At his Thursday presser, Grigson was asked if he felt more comfortable with a first-year corner or a first-year offensive lineman. Grigson did not play dumb with his answer:

"I would have to say a DB. A first year offensive lineman, there are a lot more bullets flying at in that vicinity, that he's working in, that involves thinking. It involves experience."

With corner, Grigson said the player can live out on "the island" and rely a bit more on talent. Offensive linemen, it's different. They're going to see exotic blitzes they've never dreamed of. Grigson went on to say that sometimes throwing a young lineman in there can be a good thing, allowing them to roast and learn in the "Baptism of Fire," as Grigson called it.

Other times, it's not so good. I'll personally point you to 2007 bust Tony Ugoh as an example.

As far as who the best players are in this draft, Grigson stated that he is still evaluating and that, unlike last year - where he seemingly had the jump on the draft because of all the work he'd done in Philadelphia before getting offered the Indianapolis G.M. job - he is still grinding to find the best players for this team.

I told this to Jim Irsay the other day, the picture is a little murky, but every day the picture gets clearer with more information, the more film I get.

Grigson also stated the defensive line and cornerback were two of the deepest positions in this year's draft, which he pointed out was a good thing. The Colts G.M. referred to quality defensive linemen as "rare" and as the "bell cows" who can get a team over the hump.

Reading between the lines a little bit, it doesn't seem to be a stretch to think that the Colts feel that a good d-lineman or corner will fall to them at pick no. 24.

Picking at 24, we feel there's going to be a really good player there. Like last year, you want that blue player at 24. We don't want to just settle for a 'need guy.'

And speaking off the best options in the draft at the defensive line position:

Previewing the 2013 NFL Combine: Defensive line