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Another Report Saying Colts And Browns In 'Bidding War' For Free Agent Paul Kruger

It seems the Colts really want to sign the Ravens pass rusher.

Ronald Martinez

FOX Sports writer Peter Schrager tosses us Colts fans a bone regarding Indy's possible pursuit of Ravens outside linebacker Paul Kruger:

This is now the second report suggesting the Colts and the Browns are "warring" over Kruger.

It's been speculated that Kruger will get a 5-year deal worth $60 million.

As I told you all before, this. does. not. make. me. feel. good.

I have nothing against Kruger. He's a good player. Not great, but good. I just feel very uneasy about the franchise signing him to a $60-$65 million dollar deal. I realize that free agency is all about the guaranteed money, not the length of the contract, but is Kruger truly worth that much? Is he an elite pass rusher?

My instincts say no, and his career stats also suggest no.