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2013 NFL Free Agency: Now We Have A Colts And OT Jake Long Rumor

Another hour brings another player rumored to be on the Colts wish list as NFL free agency begins.

Bob Levey

Like many of you, my head is spinning a little at all these rumors as we brace for the beginning of NFL free agency. The primer is here, in case you want to get a refresher on what's gone on over the last 24 hours, or so.

Speaking of rumors, we have another one for you, this time involving the Colts and soon-to-be free agent offensive tackle Jake Long.

Our own Nick Ragsdale spoke with current Colts left tackle Anthony Castonzo at the 2013 NFL Scouting combine last month about the possibility of Indy signing a player like Long. When Nick asked Castonzo if he'd switch to the other side of the o-line, Castonzo's answer was:

"Yeah. I'm willing to do what they want me to do if it'll help us win, as long as I'm playing and I get to start." He then added, "I'd be surprised if they did that, though."

It's worth noting that, in several pre-free agency articles, places like Pro Football Talk have reported that teams perhaps don't view Long as a left tackle anymore:

Some think Long would be better off on the right side, which pays a lot less money. Regardless, if he doesn’t get a big deal early in free agency, his options could become narrow — both from a money standpoint and from the perspective of which side of the line he’ll land.

This is potentially why Miami is letting him walk. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think Anthony Castonzo is a very good left tackle, and plays better on the left side than Long does If Ryan Grigson is seriously considering signing Long, it could be to have him play at right tackle, not left.