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Colts Owner Jim Irsay: "It's Not Victor Cruz"

Irsay had the Twittersphere going crazy for 18 hours with some cryptic tweets about trading for a WR, but today at the Owner's Meetings he put the fire out about the highest profile guy out there.

Sean Gardner

That was fun while it lasted, huh?

Last night Colts Owner Jim Irsay tweeted that the Colts were in a lengthy negotiating session with another team about a WR, but there weren't many clues as to which one (other than the number of exclamation points he used). Speculation immediately centered around the biggest name out there, Giants WR Victor Cruz. Cruz is a restricted Free Agent, which means the Colts would have to give up a first round pick (his value put on him by the Giants) to sign him, and the Giants would have a chance to match whatever offer the Colts gave him. It was a long shot from the start, but with Irsay doing his best to rile up the troops, everyone went right to the big name.

Today at the Owners' meetings in Arizona, Irsay denied that the WR in question, however, is not Victor Cruz. From IndyStar's Mike Chappell:

Now, does that 100% rule out it is Cruz? Of course not. But Irsay has made big deals out of "meh" acquisitions before, so it most likely will be a mid-tier WR that'll be a productive player, but nothing that Irsay should be using 15 exclamation points about. Getting Cruz was (and still is) a pipe-dream because of the fact that the Giants have the opportunity to match any contract offer (and most likely would anyway).

I'm sure we'll find out before the meetings end later this week. Something will be hammered out, and I hope it improves the WRs, as the Colts clearly need help there.