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2013 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Alvin Bailey - OG, Arkansas

A starting OL found in the 4th Round? Colts need to take advantage if Alvin Bailey is there to select.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

If the Colts try to bolster one of the league's worst defenses with their first two picks, they may look at the Offensive Line in the middle rounds. As is always the case, versatility is key for an NFL Lineman, and Arkansas's Alvin Bailey has shown that ability already in his years in Fayetteville.

Bailey played both Guard positions, sometimes on the same series, so either side of the line is good with him. At 6'3", 312, he's extremely quick on his feet, running an official 4.95 40 last week at the Combine. Wow. He made his living pulling from both sides, and using his athleticism to lead the way for the Razorback running game. He started every game he played in (38) after red-shirting as a Freshman, so there are no injury concerns. He left Arkansas with a year of eligibility left, but after the chaos that program saw last season, who could blame him.

With the Colts moving to more power formations next season, a guy like Bailey, who played in a run-first offense, would fit into the scheme nicely. One of the weaknesses I've seen of his game is that his technique needs some work, which is actually easier to teach than say speed, quickness, or size (duh). He'd immediately start at one of the two Guard positions, as Mike McGlynn and Seth Olsen certainly gave good effort, they also let Andrew Luck get chased all over the place.

I think the end of the 3rd Round is a little high for Bailey, but the 4th Rounder seems like the perfect landing spot for Bailey. With the Colts only having five picks (so far), it makes it more critical for the Colts to find starters rather than depth guys. Bailey would certainly fit this criteria.

Scouting Profile from


Has experience at right and left guard. Flashes solid movement skills for large size. Good first step when asked to get out in space, awareness to peel back and pick up chasing defender. Obvious effort on first contact when trapping. Consistently looks to stop the opposition's momentum on contact.


After first step, strides slow considerably when working in space. Leads with wrong shoulder or contacts with forearm first too often when trapping between the tackles. Lateral mobility to mirror in pass protection is questionable. Can panic and lose whatever good posture he had against speed rushers that dip.

NFL Comparison

John Jerry

CBS NFL Draft Scout Profile:

A naturally massive man, Bailey shows impressive quickness off the snap and can knock defenders off the ball in the running game. He's athletic enough to handle blocking on the move - a requirement in an Arkansas scheme that often requires the guards to pull and block at the second level.

While quick enough to get out in space, Bailey struggles to re-direct if the defenders sees him coming and often is forced to lunge at his opponent, resulting in some impressive knock-down blocks but also an occasional miss. The talent and poise of skill position players around him has helped Bailey in pass protection as he has a tendency to stop moving his feet and attempt to control his opponent with just his size and strength.

Combine Measurements:

Height Weight 40 Time Bench Broad Jump Vertical 3 Cone Drill 20 Yd. Shuttle
6'3" 312 4.95 27 N/A N/A N/A N/A