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Bruce Arians: 'I Hate The West Coast Offense'

The former Colts assistant coach does not sound like he's a fan of the new offensive system currently being implemented in Indianapolis.


Peter King posted an interesting article Sunday night on focusing on Carson Palmer and his eventual parting-of-ways with the Oakland Raiders. One possible destination team for Palmer that people keep floating out there is the Arizona Cardinals, who are now coached by former Indianapolis interim head coach and offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

Arians, who also has former Colts O.C. Tom Moore on his staff, was quoted by King in the article and had a very interesting opinion to share regarding the West Coast Offense, which is the system used by Oakland [emphasis mine]:

Last year, I remember going to Indianapolis to write about the Colts when Arians was the interim coach. "I hate the West Coast Offense,'' Arians said. Arians wanted a big-armed quarterback stretching the defense, and it showed in Luck's numbers. In 2012, Luck had the second-longest average pass length in the league, 10.17 yards downfield.

FYI: The man replacing Arians as offensive coordinator in Indianapolis is Pep Hamilton, a West Coast Offense-friendly assistant who worked the system to near-perfection with Andrew Luck and Coby Fleener at Stanford.

It will be interesting to see if Palmer does indeed land in Arizona after the Raiders release him. It will also be interesting to see if Andrew Luck plays better in Hamilton's West Coast system, and whether or not that will make Arians hate it even more.