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Official Representitives For The 2013 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft

Here are your team reps for the three round community mock draft.


Below are the team reps for the Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft. There are still a lot of openings left to be an alternate of teams.

Kansas City Chiefs- LuckSCI12

Jacksonville Jaguars- Chopaholic

Oakland Raiders- BigBlueDAWG

Philadelphia Eagles- Chapman will hug you

Detroit Lions- TheFreakSFG

Cleveland Browns- Dolt45 with alternate Mr. Too Proud

Arizona Cardinals- Atomican

Buffalo Bills- Rpg21387

New York Jets- Arunk

Tennessee Titans- StuckinTennessee

San Diego Chargers- Colts4thewin

Miami Dolphins- Cq.noble

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Mattb7351

Carolina Panthers- Coltshoosierspanthers

New Orleans Saints- Jonas Andrada

St. Louis Rams- There's always money in the banana stand with alternate Luck

Pittsburgh Steelers- BigBlackRichard

Dallas Cowboys- Mr. Arizona

New York Giants- Brownmamba13

Chicago Bears- Jbacon55

Cincinnati Bengals- Peter Stogaard

Washington Redskins- Jcolt77

Minnesota Vikings- MBApastor

Indianapolis Colts- Evan Sidery with alternates of everyone on the site including the writers (full collaboration)

Seattle Seahawks- CR3AMnCR1MSON with alternate inluckwetrust

Green Bay Packers- peytonman

Houston Texans- Luck on my side

Denver Broncos- Luck12

New England Patriots- Marc Carlsson

Atlanta Falcons- 76Kermit

San Francisco 49ers- Ben10Parsons

Baltimore Ravens- muncie_in_this

Those are the reps for all the teams, but there are still 28 alternate spots open! In the comments section, tell me what team you want to be an alternate for!

If you do not know what to do with the team your apart of come Saturday, here's a big board of prospects from SB Nation's own Dan Kadar. Until then, I will see you all on April 13 at 3 P.M. Eastern Standard Time for the Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft!