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ESPN's Mel Kiper Seems To Think Colts Will Take A Corner At No. 24

Kiper likes Desmond Trufant from Washington, Xavier Rhodes from Florida State, or D.J. Hayden from Houston to Indy at No. 24.

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN's Mel Kiper held a conference call with media yesterday, and here are his transcribed thoughts on who the Indianapolis Colts may take with the No. 24 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

When you look at 24 with the Colts, do you see them possibly moving back? If they stay back, receiver, what kind of quality, value are they going to get at 24?

MEL KIPER, JR.: Well, you got a corner like Desmond Trufant from Washington would be a nice fit, Xavier Rhodes from Florida State, D.J. Hayden from Houston. A lot of the corners are still going to probably be there at 24. Maybe one of them is gone a little earlier. But certainly Dee Milliner is going very high, we know that, from Alabama. But that next corner, whether it’s the second or third corner, could still be there for the Colts at 24.

They don’t have the second round pick right now. Certainly you think about other need areas, there’s obviously things they have to do via this draft to get some players in here.

At wide receiver, I have them actually picking Aaron Dobson from Marshall in the third round. He’s also looking at Markus Wheaton from Oregon State, Ryan Swope from Texas A&M. There may be some nice third round options at wide receiver.

If you’re thinking first round wide receiver, you think at that point Robert Woods from USC, Cordarrelle Patterson may be there, maybe not. I think Robert Woods would be a nice fit. He could help you right away. He’s polished. You think about what Peyton Manning had with Reggie Wayne, Andrew Luck could have with Robert Woods. Draw strong comparisons through the draft process to a Reggie Wayne.

Kiper seems intent on the Colts taking Rhodes or Trufant. Personally, I don't see it. Pass rusher and wide receiver are the bigger needs, and Rhodes or Trufant are not better than someone like DE Datone Jones or WR DeAndre Hopkins; both of whom are expected to still be on the board at No. 24.