My Mock Draft (UK style)

As by now I'm sure you all must be sick to death of mock drafts on here but in my opinion I love to see everyone's view on who will we pick and the reasoning behind it. So I have put together my own mock draft on who I think the Colts will draft.

Round 1 - Datone Jones (DE), the colts get help and upgrade for the pass rush but from the interior defensive line instead of outside. If Jarvis jones was to fall to pick 24. The colts will deffinately pick him but I see him going earlier (Pittsburgh maybe).

Round 3 - Barrett Jones (C/OG), the colts get much needed help at RG this year then switch jones to C in place of Satele/Shipley

Round 4 - Ty Powell (OLB), the colts add to a some what week OLBer core with a developmental guy with alot if upside (looks very good on tape and on his workout video with the colts).

Round 6 - Aaron Mellette (WR), the colts get a fast bid bodied wide reciever (6'3 and 4.45 40 time) to add to the receivers they already have, a year or two under reggie and he could be our number 1 receiver to go with TY Hilton

Round 7 - Duke Williams (SS), adds to the lacking safety group (behind bethea and Landry) could be groomed by Pagano into being betheas replacement if he isn't resigned next year

Round 7 - Marc Anthony (CB) physical CB can play man to man coverage, development project for Pagano, slips down the board due to past injuries

That's my Mock draft please feel free to comment and share you opinion as all are welcomed, our follow me on twitter @UKColtsFans as I'm always up for talking all things Colts related!!

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