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2013 NFL Draft Prospects: Corners The Indianapolis Colts Could Target

Stampede Blue's Matt Grecco wrote up some great scouting reports on player prospects that the Indianapolis Colts should consider for the 2013 NFL Draft. We're re-examining them in this series.


Corner isn't nearly as critical a need as wide receiver or pass rusher for the Colts going into the 2013 NFL Draft, but no team can never enough quality cover guys. Here's our list of CBs the Colts should target throughout the draft this year:

Desmond Trufaunt, Washington

Matt Grecco's Scouting Report:

He also didn't stick to a single position during his time in Seattle, playing both inside over the slot, as well as outside, which is a major plus when transitioning to the next level, and especially if he goes to a team with two established CBs already (like the Colts). Playing inside means both covering slot receivers, which are becoming more and more important, as well as blitzing the QB, as Chuck Pagano likes to do quite often.

Projection: 1st-2nd round

Jordan Poyer, Oregon State

Matt Grecco's Scouting Report:

So why is Poyer being looked at as a 2nd or 3rd round player? Size and speed. He's only 5'10", and his combine 40 time of 4.54 seconds is by no means elite when compared to other CBs. What it means is that he'll most likely be playing a slot corner position, which aren't quite as in-demand as outside guys. It's not to diminish the slot CB, as so many teams are running the spread formation now, you'd like to have three starting-caliber guys.

Projection: 2nd-3rd round

Logan Ryan, Rutgers

Matt Grecco's Scouting Report:

The biggest knock I've seen on Ryan is he needs some work on technique, which is the easiest thing to fix once a guy arrives in the NFL. Size, speed, athleticism, etc. is tough to manufacture, but as long as a guy is willing to put in the work, technique can be fixed. I've also seen where he can get a little too aggressive, putting him out of position and will commit some penalties because of it. He's also not a blazing guy, but 4.5 speed is still on par with starters in the NFL.

Projection: 2nd-3rd round

Robert Alford, Southeastern Louisiana

Matt Grecco's Scouting Report:

Alford was invited to participate in the Senior Bowl, only the second player from SELU to be selected to play in Mobile, and did he take advantage of his opportunity. He almost took the opening kick back for a TD (88 yards), then at the end intercepted a two-point conversion attempt that basically sealed the game for the South. Along with his game highlights, everywhere I read says he was very impressive in practice, including being named an "All-Star" by the National Football Post. Any chance of him sneaking under the radar was now gone. He backed up his Senior Bowl performance with an impressive Combine day, finishing in the top 10 of DBs in the 40 (4.39), Bench Press, Broad Jump, and Vertical.

Projection: 3rd round

Steve Williams, California

Matt Grecco's Scouting Report:

Because of Williams' quickness, both straight line and changing directions, he's suited to play the nickel corner quite well, and his high number of tackles shows a willingness to not shy away from contact. He didn't spend much time playing on the inside at Cal, but I'm sure he'd transition quite well. If he did play on the outside, his 5'9" doesn't bother me too much when you hear he has over a 40" vertical, helping make up for being a little short.

Projection: 4th-6th round

Adrian Bushell, Louisville

Matt Grecco's Scouting Report:

Bushell isn't very big, so he'll most likely line up on the inside, especially to start his career. His vertical (33") isn't anything to write home about, which is why he's being projected in the 6th round. His greatest contributions will come on special teams, where he obviously had much success both returning and covering, and would be an instant upgrade for what the Colts are going to do.

Projection: 6th round