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Is It 'Super Bowl Or Bust' For The 2013 Indianapolis Colts?

Lombardi Trophy logos are all over the Colts locker room and practice facility.

Scott Halleran

Phil Wilson of the Indianapolis Star sent out an interesting picture via Twitter yesterday:

There's also this Twitter pic sent from George Bremer of the Herald Bulletin:

Kind of makes you wonder: Is Chuck Pagano's message to the players, "Super Bowl or Bust."

Last year this time, all the talk was of "reloading" and not "rebuilding." The Colts were viewed as one of the worst teams in football, and both Pagano and then-offensive coordinator coach Bruce Arians used that perception to help motivate a young, over-achieving team with a weak schedule to win 11 games.

This year, Pagano himself has said the Colts have a bull's-eye on their chests. The mentality has changed, as have the expectations.

The Colts spent roughly $40 million in free agency this offseason, reshaping their roster with 11 new players, including RT Gosder Cherilus and WR Darrius Heyward-Bey. Have these moves motivated a change in mentality? Maybe.

One thing is certain: There were no Super Bowl logos plastered around the locker room and practice facility last season after Peyton Manning was released and the entire roster was overhauled.

Personally, I think it's great to set high expectations. I'm not so sure the Colts' owner feels the same way.