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Colts Punter Pat McAfee Signs Franchise Tender

Yes, the Colts used their franchise tag on a punter. If you'd like to make something of it, I'll be out front waiting to kick your ass...


Yes, the Colts used their 2013 franchise tag on their punter, a fact that has made more than a few people giggle in league circles. NBC Network NFL analyst and former player Ross Tucker commented on Twitter back in early March that a "punter getting 'franchise' tag latest example of why name needs to be changed."

This comment did not sit well with McAfee, who replied directly to Tucker via Twitter, "Easy there guy who nobody knows."

Well, regardless of how Tucker feels, punters can be given the franchise tag. Tagged punters can then sign their franchise tender and get paid a truck full of money on one season, which is what Pat McAfee will get in 2013:

One has to assume that the Colts and McAfee's representatives are working out a longer deal with less of a cap hit. I'm fine with punters getting the franchise tag, but I gotta problem with one counting nearly $3 million against a team's salary cap.