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Luke Links: The 'IT'S DRAFT WEEK' Edition

Your guide to essential reading that is (mostly) Colts-related.

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Al Bello

My apologies for not posting any Luke Link articles last week. The Boston Marathon Bombing story hit close to home, and it threw off my work all week. Thanks for understanding, and, as always, thank for reading.

NFL beat writers make picks for 2013 mock draft -
Every team is represented by the local beat writer. I'm especially proud of the pick Mike Chappell made here.

Lack of prime-time home games stuns Colts sponsor -
The CEO of Lucas Oil is whining that the Colts didn't get enough prime time games at home.

Colts QB Luck throws passes, helps Chuckstrong fundraising top $1.1M -
CHUCKSTRONG raises $1 million for cancer awareness and research.

Colts-Only 2013 NFL Mock Draft - TrueBlueFans
Those wacky kids at True Blue Fans have another mock draft up, featuring all the picks the Colts could make (including trades).

Best pick of the NFL draft? Try lucky No. 24 - Yahoo! Sports
Many high profile players have been taken at the No. 24 spot over the years.

Colts' former GM Bill Polian: 'You've got to try and win every game' -
Many people have been emailing me or DMing me on Twitter asking me to comment on Bill Polian's most recent media gaff. Folks, I spent two years tracking Polian's blatant fibbing every Monday during his radio show days. I feel I've paid my dues when it comes to calling out ole Bill. It's time for others to do it. Mike Greenberg should be called out as well. How anyone in his position could NOT follow-up Polian's statement with a "but what about 2009?" question confounds me.

2013 SB Nation LIVE mock results
Reader recaps the second annual live mock that gets held over at Turf Show Times.

We haven't posted many videos of potential offensive linemen that the Colts might draft. Since NFL Network's Mike Mayock tossed out Kyle Long's name last week, here you go: