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Indianapolis Colts 2013 NFL Draft Primer

Welcome to your Indianapolis Colts 2013 NFL Draft primer, where we compile all the info and links you need to be informed about this weekend's draft.

Al Bello

Indianapolis Colts Current Draft Selections and Values (from the trade value chart):

Round Pick Value
1 24 740
3 86 160
4 121 52
6 192 14.6
7 230 N/A
7 * 245 N/A

* Compensatory pick - cannot be traded


Brad Wells First Round Mock Draft

Evan Sidery First Round Mock Draft

Nick Ragsdale First Round Mock Draft

Josh Wilson puts together his Indianapolis Colts Mock Draft


Why should the Colts consider trading out of the first round? Josh Wilson explores the issue.

Brad Wells compiles a list of running backs the Colts may target.

Brad does the same for potential outside linebackers.

Josh Wilson looks at why OLB Trevardo Williams would be a good fit for the Colts.

Josh also takes a look at RB Marcus Lattimore and whether the Colts should draft him. [Note: The article was written a while ago, and in the time since Lattimore's stock has risen. The argument for him being a good pick for the Colts remains the same, however.

Another note: Check out this "Draft Prospects" story line to see the most recent news on the Colts and the draft.

Lastly, we absoluty must mention the tremendous work that Matt Grecco put in this offseason in profiling draft prospects. He profiled a ton of players, and he did it really well. His name was even mentioned on Saturday night at the pre-draft panel discussion I was a part of, as Matt's work has been very good. We could not possibly link to every one of his draft profiles, but check out Matt's author page for some of them, and feel free to type in a prospect's name and then "stampede blue" or "colts" into google and odds are there will be a profile from Matt that pops up. That's what I have done, and I have always been very impressed. You'd be missing out if you didn't check them out.

Keep it right here at Stampede Blue tonight for all the latest news regarding the Colts and the draft.