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Indianapolis Colts 7-Round Mock Draft

Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson offers up his Indianapolis Colts 7-Round Mock Draft. Fair warning: It's sure to be wrong.


Josh Wilson offers his Indianapolis Colts' 7-Round mock draft, projecting what the Colts might do in this weekend's NFL Draft. Just a fair warning: It's probably wrong, as it's impossible to project the Draft. But before long, we will know for sure what the Colts will do.

Round 1 (Pick 24): TRADE

The Colts make yet another trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, who want to move up to get quarterback Geno Smith, whose slide ends at the 24th pick. In exchange, the Eagles give the Colts their second (35th overall) third (67th overall), and fourth (101st overall) picks. The Colts also give up their third round pick (67th overall). The trade value chart makes the trade as close to equal as possible (901 points to 900 points). The Eagles get their quarterback for coach Chip Kelly, and the Colts get extra picks early on in the draft to continue to "Build the Monster".

Round 2 (Pick 35) (FROM EAGLES): Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech

With a second round pick that provides close to first round value, the Colts take another offensive player, making it 11 out of 13 picks in the Ryan Grigson Era that have been on the offensive side of the ball. The Colts need a wide receiver, however, and I think that Patton has a lot of potential. He could use some room to develop, and the Colts could give him that with Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton, and Darius Heyward-Bey. But don't get confused that this is a "project" player, as Patton could help out the Colts and Andrew Luck immediately as well. Patton is very well-rounded and a complete wide out, with comparing him to Reggie Wayne. Patton is the receiver I would want the Colts to take most in the draft, and they are able to take him at just the right time thanks to the trade with the Eagles. [NOTE: The Colts worked out Patton back in March.]

Check out Quinton Patton's insane 21 catch, 233 yard, 4 touchdown performance against Texas A&M last season here.

Round 3 (Pick 67) (FROM EAGLES): Trevardo Williams, OLB, University of Connecticut

Readers of Stampede Blue will not be surprised in the least by this pick. I have been a fan of the Colts drafting Williams for a while now, including writing about why it made sense for the team to draft him. Of course I have to put him here in this mock draft. The Colts address the biggest need by taking a pass rushing outside linebacker. Just because he isn't in the first round doesn't mean it isn't as successful of a pick, as Williams is a very talented pass rusher but has work to do in other areas. That makes him an even better fit for the Colts, as they have Erik Walden who could play as the "starter" and Williams who could help out in pass rush situations. The pass rush would improve significantly - and that is by far the biggest thing they need to make sure happens. [NOTE: The Colts had Williams in for a visit earlier this month.]

Check out Matt Grecco's profile on Trevardo Williams here.

Round 4 (Pick 101) (FROM EAGLES): Barrett Jones, OL, Alabama

Barrett Jones is a player whose name is common to see on threads and forums as a player Colts fans want their team to draft in the third round. Jones played through a lisfranc foot injury and helped Alabama win another national title in the 2012 season. Jones' biggest asset comes from his versatility, as he can play both guard and center. The Colts could use both. They could use help at guard, and Samson Satele was not anything special at center last year (A.Q. Shipley outplayed him, in my opinion). Shortly after the season ended and I first began looking into who the Colts might draft, I loved the idea of Barrett Jones in the first round. And then he started falling. And falling. And falling. And somehow, he could wind up in the fourth round. The Colts get a steal here by taking Jones.

Round 6 (Pick 192): Brandon McGee, CB, Miami

The Colts secondary will be much improved in 2013 regardless of this pick, but Miami's Brandon McGee would help even more. He brings excellent speed and can be a very good corner. He struggles with consistency at times, but then again the Colts wouldn't be asking him to start right away either. He could be a real good pickup in the sixth round for Indy.

Round 7 (Pick 230): Zeke Motta, S, Notre Dame

Of course I had to put a Notre Dame guy into my mock draft, right? (Ok, just kidding... kind of). But the truth is that Motta is a good value pick here in the seventh round and could provide valuable depth at safety as well as contribute on special teams. Motta could go before this pick, but there remains a good chance that he is around when the Colts pick in the seventh round as well.

Round 7 (Pick 245) (Compensatory Pick): Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook

I'm taking the advice of my friend Tyler Brooke over at Bleacher Report, who first told me about Maysonet. Brooke has the running back going in the seventh round and got draft expert Matt Miller to project the same in his full seven round mock draft (although both had him going to the Colts in their previous pick, number 230 overall). Brooke calls him "the best running back you have never heard of." In fact, he's from a place that many people have never heard of (Stony Brook is in New York). But that doesn't mean that Maysonet is a bad player, and in the seventh round he is definitely worth taking. The Colts could use another running back and while a player taken late in the draft is far from certain to contribute, Maysonet could potentially be a solid player for the Colts. And besides, who doesn't want a Mr. Irrelevant with the name Miguel Maysonet from Stony Brook? Seems perfect to me.

Fire away and just tear this mock draft apart. Go ahead. It probably deserves it. But the good news is that before long, we will know how these picks will turn out, and the speculation will cease. Until then, however, pass the time criticizing this mock.