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Colts Reportedly Getting "a TON of Calls" About the 24th Pick

Per Ian Rapoport of, the Colts are getting "a TON" of calls regarding trading the 24th pick.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

This year's draft figures to be one of the craziest and unpredictable drafts in recent memory. Many, many teams are interested in trading - and that would seem to be the Colts as well.

I've long said that they should trade out of the first round, and I explained my reasoning in an article a few days ago. And in my Colts mock draft this morning, I had the Colts trading out of the first round. Per Ian Rapoport, there is a lot of interest in the Colts' 24th overall pick:

The interest would seem to be from teams trying to trade up for a quarterback, but that's just pure speculation at this point. However, what we do know is that the Colts seem very interested in trading their first round pick (Ryan Grigson confirmed as much recently) and it seems that there could be a lot of interest in the pick as well. Stay tuned for the latest.

Other note: Stampede Blue's own Matt Grecco speculates as to what the Colts may be able to get for the 24th pick: