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2013 NFL Draft: Vikings Take Three Players Between 23 And 29; Smith, Te'o Still Available

Bengals No. 21 pick - TE Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame)

The Bengals have lost two consecutive years to the Texans in the Wild Card Round, and it was mostly because they couldn't generate any Offense consistently. By adding a playmaker in Eifert, it'll help free up A.J. Green and TE Jermaine Gresham to generate more points.

Eifert can catch, run, and block, a complete TE. His 2012 numbers weren't good mostly because teams normally doubled him. Alabama had #9 overall pick Dee Milliner lined up on him in the BCS Title game. That's pretty high praise.

Falcons No. 22 pick (from WAS via STL) - CB Desmond Trufant (Washington)

We've seen over the years that when the Falcons like someone, they aren't afraid to give up picks to go get their guy, and they've seemingly done that with Trufant, who has two brothers already playing in the NFL (Marcus, Isaiah). The Falcons were incredibly thin at CB, having only Asante Samuel as a competent NFL CB. Trufant will start Week 1.

Vikings No. 23 pick - DT Sharrif Floyd (Florida)

In one of the more surprising developments of Round 1, Sharrif Floyd dropped all the way down to pick #23 to Minnesota, their first of what turned out to be three First Round picks. Floyd had widely been mocked to the Raiders at pick #3, and was passed over by several other DTs before taken by Leslie Frazier to play along side Kevin Williams and Jared Allen. It was clear in Floyd's post-selection interview he already has a chip on his shoulder about dropping that far, which is good for Minnesota fans.

Colts No. 24 pick - DE Bjoern Werner (FSU)

Addressed a big need for the Colts with the best guy available. Full post from me in the morning on Werner, but for now go read all about Werner in our other Stream.

Vikings No. 25 pick (from SEA) - CB Xavier Rhodes (FSU)

Getting more help on the Defensive side with a big, physical CB, something desperately needed in the NFC North, where both Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall call home. Rhodes will start immediately on the outside, and should be a very good pick, which they got from the Percy Harvin trade with Seattle.

Packers No. 26 pick - DE Datone Jones (UCLA)

I was not shy about how much I liked Jones, as I think he can play multiple positions on the Defensive Line, and will be difficult to handle one-on-one, which most teams will have to do when they also have to take care of Clay Matthews. Jones reminds me a lot of Justin Tuck, in that he can play both outside on running downs and inside on passing downs, making him quite valuable. Packers did really well.

Texans No. 27 pick - WR DeAndre Hopkins (Clemson)

Want to see something scary as a Colts fan? Go watch the 4th quarter of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl from this past season, then imagine one of the top 3 WR in the NFL lining up on the other side of Hopkins. Everyone knew the Texans would go WR here, and nobody helped the Colts out by reducing the choices Houston had (other than the Rams taking Tavon Austin, but he was never lasting this long). The Texans were very good last year, and they only got better today. Yikes.

Broncos No. 28 pick - DT Sylvester Williams (North Carolina)

For a team with few holes, the Broncos could take who they felt was the best player available, which was a DT that'll be able to play all three downs. It won't help their pass rush much (they lost Elvis Dumervil in the offseason), but he'll be a steady force in the middle for a team looking to win the Super Bowl now.

Vikings No. 29 pick (from NE) - WR Cordarrelle Patterson (Tennessee)

The Vikings gave up a slew of picks (their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th) to the Patriots to go get a playmaker who they thought wouldn't be around at this spot, making it three First Round picks. He'll be able to learn under newly acquired Greg Jennings, trying to fill the role that Percy Harvin had been playing. Patterson has a bit of a checkered past, but this is one of the best locker rooms in the NFL, and they'll keep him in line. It cost a bit, but I think a great decision by Minnesota.

Rams No. 30 pick (from ATL) - OLB Alec Ogletree (Georgia)

The Rams made two trades in Round 1, moving up to get Tavon Austin, and moving back to accumulate picks with the Redskins pick they got from last season, and they got an explosive LB that can get it done on the field, but has several issues off of it. Head Coach Jeff Fisher had no problem last season taking another guy with lots of off-the-field issues in Janoris Jenkins, who turned out to be an excellent player last season. Ogletree could end up being in the same boat. Have to trust the guy who's been doing it for 20+ years.

Cowboys No. 31 pick (from SF) - C Travis Frederick (Wisconsin)

They must really like Frederick, who gets a slight upgrade due to being from Wisconsin, because they probably could have easily gotten him in the next round. Centers don't often get chosen in Round 1, and the ones that are are usually pretty special, and I just don't see it with Frederick. It did extend the Big Ten's run of at least one player drafted in the First Round another year, which dates back to 1953. Not sure what the Cowboys are thinking here, but we'll find out.

Ravens No. 32 pick - S Matt Elam (Florida)

What does a team do that loses one of the best Safeties to ever play the game in Ed Reed? Go get another guy in the same mold, who loves to hit people (sometimes against NFL rules), but someone who they hope will patrol the defensive back end for years to come. The Super Bowl champs lost two long-time players, and it made sense to replace one of them with this pick, and they did just that. Elam is a perfect fit for this Defense.

Notable Players still available: QB Geno Smith, LB Manti Te'o, RB Eddie Lacey, WR Justin Hunter, OT Menelik Watson, DE/OLB Damontre Moore