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2013 NFL Draft: Day Two Is Here!!!

The second and third rounds of the NFL draft are here!


The first round of the 2013 NFL Draft was one of the the weirder ones ever. No running backs were selected in the first round, which was a draft record. Eight offensive linemen went in the first twenty picks, also a record. As many quarterbacks got selected in round one ("as many" being just one, E.J. Manuel) as centers (one, Travis Fredrick to the Cowboys).

Nine offensive linemen in the first round, total. Wow.

Day two begins with quarterbacks like Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib, and Matt Barkley still on the board.

The Colts do not pick until round three, No. 86 overall. We discussed players they could target here. Key needs going forward include:

  • Wide receiver
  • Offensive line
  • Running back
  • Corner
  • Safety

Some players to keep in mind for Indianapolis at No. 86 include Tennessee's Dallas Thomas or Michigan State's Le'Veon Bell.

It's also possible that the Colts could continue to stockpile pass rushers. If Auburn's Corey Lemonier falls to the third round, he's someone the Colts could have a strong interest in.