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2013 NFL Draft: Teams Go On Quarterback Run In 4th Round

The fourth round was the quarterback round, many high-name QB's have gone so far.

Ryan Nassib is put in the role to be groomed under Eli Manning
Ryan Nassib is put in the role to be groomed under Eli Manning

As Brad Wells already stated that the Eagles traded up for Matt Barkley at the beginning of the fourth round, there has been a run on quarterbacks ever since. It all started when the Giants surprisingly traded up to get Syracuse quarterback, Ryan Nassib. After Nassib, Tyler Wilson and Landry Jones were shortly taken afterwards.

New York took my second rated quarterback in Nassib. Outside of David Carr, the Giants obviously had a major need at the backup spot. Some felt Nassib could have gone in the top ten to Buffalo. Once Nassib slipped past Buffalo again at 41, then we all expected him to slip pretty far afterwards.

Nassib could be in an Aaron Rodgers or Matt Cassel situation in the Meadowlands. He could eventual start five or so years down the road, or he could be groomed and eventually traded for picks. Ryan could have started from day one, but he is in a great spot behind Eli Manning.

Oakland and Pittsburgh addressed their backup quarterback needs by taking Wilson and Landry respectively. Both Wilson and Jones were projected to go in the third to fourth round of the draft. They will go to spots where they will not play right away. Sitting behind guys like Matt Flynn (Wilson) and Ben Roethlisberger (Jones) could do some good for both of them.

If either of their starting quarterbacks go down, both of these guys could step in and play well. Wilson was my fifth rated quarterback, while Jones was right behind him in the sixth spot.