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Colts 2013 4th Round Selection Khaled Holmes Viewed As 'Overrated'

While it seems obvious that Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson is zeroing in on prospects that will fix his porous offensive line, not everyone thinks that taking of USC center Khaled Holmes with the 121st overall pick follows the "best player available" mantra.

For Holmes, SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn listed him as one of the more overrated offensive linemen in this year's draft class:

Second team: Khaled Holmes, USC

At the center position, consistency is important. He's the quarterback of the offensive line and needs to be able to deliver as a snapper play in and play out. Holmes is undoubtedly talented; he showed that plenty at USC. But the consistency is a big issue. Since he's taller, Holmes has a tendency to waist bend, and he also tends to lose track of blitzers. The talent warrants an early day three pick, but if he goes any earlier, then that it would be a reach.

Personally, I have no issue with Holmes getting taken in the 4th round. It stings a bit that Grigson passed on wide receiver Quinton Patton, who was selected seven picks later by the San Francisco 49ers atKhaled Holmes Viewed As 'Overrated' No. 128. However, offensive line was a clear, GLARING need entering this draft in the eyes of this front office.

Holmes clearly has talent. The issue is consistency. This means the Colts have something to work with.