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While The 2013 Draft Rolls On, The Denver Broncos Poach OLB Shaun Phillips

With the signing of Bjoern Werner, no need for the Colts to go after veteran Shaun Phillips (One of Brad Wells' favorites).


After drafting Bjoern Werner, there wasn't really much of a need for the Colts to dip their toes into the free agency market. However, the Denver Broncos lost defensive end Elvis Dumervil this offseason. In an effort to replace Dumervil, Denver has signed OLB Shaun Phillips (a favorite of our own Brad Wells), taking him off the free agent market. Denver addressed the inside of their 4-3 by drafting Sylvester Williams, but they needed another pass-rusher on the outside.

Phillips has always played standing up, but for Denver he will have to put his hand into the ground. The intrigue is that he will have to put his hand in the dirt on almost every play. With this signing, Dwight Freeney and John Abraham are likely not options for the Broncos anymore. This makes the signing of Phillips even more intriguing for the massive matchup on October 20th between Indianapolis and Denver.

The former San Diego Charger could have been a nice, cheap signing for the Colts. He has worked with defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, he obviously knows the defense, and is very good friends with Robert Mathis.

If the Colts would not have drafted Bjoern Werner, I would have been clamoring for a free agent signing like Philips. Werner fills the need that Phillips would have been signed for. Getting younger talent for the long term would be better then signing a veteran for the short me.

For me, I like the Bjoern Werner pick over a possible Shaun Phillips contract signing.