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Will The Indianapolis Colts Wear Throwback Jerseys In 2013?

The NFL is reportedly selling throwback Colts jerseys. This is a not-so-subtle way of saying the Colts will wear these jerseys in a game in 2013.

Jim McIsaac

WRTV-6 (ABC) in Indianapolis sports director Dave Furst found something interesting regarding the Colts and the jerseys they might wear in 2013:

The last time we saw throwbacks like these was in 2010. They were worn in a game between the Colts and the Eagles... the now infamous game that saw Austin Collie get absolutely blown up, resulting in the first of a series of concussions.

Still, despite the bad memories those throwbacks may conjure, I think it's important to occasionally pay homage to the great Colt teams of yester-year. Obviously, promoting alternative jerseys is really nothing more than a money-making move. The Colts offer them and they want eager fans to buy them up at somewhat ridiculous prices.

However, the silver-lining is that respect gets shown to the players and coaches from years past who helped build the franchise (and the Colts logo) to what it is today.

Plus, it's just kinda cool to see Andrew Luck in a jersey that looks like something John Unitas might have worn.

To echo Dave's first tweet, stay tuned.