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2013 NFL Draft: Prospects That Colts Are Reportedly Interested In

The Colts have reportedly shown interest in roughly 18 prospects and conducted at least four private workouts.


According to the NFLPA, the Colts currently have $9,407,345 in cap space. This means that they could-maybe-kinda sign one more veteran free agent, but the safe bet is that, for now, they are done casting lines in that talent stream. Instead, the focus is now on the draft.

Per reports from Gil Brandt and, the Colts have shown interest in roughly 18 prospects. Now, the term "shown interest" basically means that the Colts either interviewed the prospect, had one of their assistant coaches work with him at a Pro Day, or arranged a private workout. The private workouts are typically the strongest indications of interest.

As we wrote about on Friday, the Colts have a private workout scheduled for Elon WR Aaron Mellette on April 10th. Other reported prospects who have participated in private workouts for the Colts:

Of all these guys listed, none is viewed as a first round talent. Williams typically gets mocked in the second sixth round.

Outside of the Mellette workout, many of the ones listed above reportedly happened during the height of NFL free agency (mid to late March).