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The Best And Worst Draft Picks For The Indianapolis Colts

Phil Wilson of is putting together a list of greatest hits and biggest flops by the Colts on draft day.

Al Bello

Phil Wilson of is doing a great series on best and worst draft picks ever by the Indianapolis Colts. We did a similar series two years ago. Our final list for the biggest draft busts was:

No. 1 Draft Bust: Jeff George

No. 2 Draft Bust: Trev Alberts

No. 3 Draft Bust: Tony Ugoh

No. 4 Draft Bust: Anthony Johnson

No. 5 Draft Bust: Don Anderson

No. 6 Draft Bust: Eric Mahlum

No. 7 Draft Bust: Quinn Pitcock

No. 8 Draft Bust: Leonard Coleman

No. 9 Draft Bust: Quentin Coryatt

No. 10 Draft Bust: Steve Emtman

Here is our two-year-old list of best picks ever made in Colts history. Take a guess who No. 1 is.

For our buddy Phil B., he has two more years of busts to dissect and trudge through, including several from the miserable 2010-2011 drafts overseen by Bill and Chris Polian. No. 9 on Phil's "worst draft pick" list is 2010 third rounder Kevin Thomas.

Thomas was hurt from day one. Well, technically, before day one.

His injury history had to be a red flag, considering he missed an entire college season and much of another due to health setbacks at USC. In a May rookie minicamp workout with the Colts, Thomas blew out a knee.

By the way, for frequent visitors, remember back during that 2010 draft (which I attended) when yours truly wrote:

Where do I begin? How can I accurately convey the total f&$k up Bill Polian made with this pick?

Forget about grabbing an o-lineman here for a second. Passing on Corey Wootton? On Akwasi Owusu-Ansah? For this guy? Come on! Are you kidding me? Look, I'm not questioning Bill Polian's competence on the NFL Draft, but his record with screwing up third round picks is pretty well known. There's a reason we call it the "Third Round Curse."

Regarding Thomas, he was so under-the-radar that we didn't even do a draft profile for him. Hell, Mocking the Draft doesn't even have a report on him. And this guy is a Third Rounder? Ahead of so many other defensive backs, to say nothing of the GLARING need at left tackle? Reach pick, utterly and completely.

I'm not as dumb as I look, folks.

My favorite are the snide comments from that article, saying "maybe you should make the picks." Well, yeah! Maybe I should've! Maybe if the Colts had dressed up a meth-addicted donkey in a tuxedo every year and sent him to NYC's Radio City Music Hall, he probably could have made done a better job drafting than the Polians did from 2007-2011.

Kevin Thomas? GTFOH! The people who defended that pick in 2010- high comedy!

That said, I once thought the Tony Ugoh pick was genius. [cue fart noise]

Anyway, this is a great series of articles by Phil Wilson. You should read them. CB Eugene Daniel is his no. 10 best pick ever while OG Eric Mahlum is his 10th worst.