What is more important?

Throughout the offseason we have assessed many moves in free agency and the needs this team has. We can all agree

that we still have needs but most agree that we need another Wide receiver, Running back, and Rushing OLB. But what it seems we haven't assessed so far is what position improvement we need more. Which position do you think the colts should go for first?

Assuming the position we pick isn't a bust, here will be the outcome to having at least a solid player playing at our needy positions.

Rush OLB: Having someone come in and be Freeney's successor is huge and will not cause Robert Mathis to be double teamed the whole game because people will not double team Walden (unless by some miracle he breaks out)

Wide Receiver: We are running out of time to find someone to fill Reggie's shoes. If we find that player now ( Keenan Allen if he can learn from a veteran like Reggie) will be that guy for Andrew luck to target for a margin of his career.

Running Back: Let me be blunt (I don't care if you don't like it, but feel free to comment) I don't think Vick Ballard is the answer sure he may of been solid for a rookie but his peers were much better ( Alfred Morris, Doug Martin) we need a rookie like that to come in and pound the rock. Not a rookie with 3.9 YPC.

P.S... I know that Ballard was behind a horrible line at best, but so are many other running backs with 4 Something YPC.

Let me know who you think we should go after in the draft in these positions.

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