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Luke Links: The 'Fluker To The Colts' Edition

For guide to essential reading this is (mostly) Colts-related.

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Draft Grader: Indianapolis Colts -
PFF's Khaled Elsayed examines the Colts' drafts from 2008-the present. It is not a ringing endorsement for the pre-Grigson regime.

Comment: Two years ago, when readers and other Colts blogs were very much in shoot the messenger mode with anyone writing anything critical about the Polians, Matt Grecco and I wrote a thorough critique of the Colts drafts from 2002-2009. The worst drafts were 2007 and 2008 draft classes. I remember several fans being really pissed at us for DARING to write anything critical of the Polians. Fun times.

Sam Farmer's NFL mock draft: Where's USC quarterback Matt Barkley? -
The always excellent Sam Farmer has a mock draft posted on the LA Times website and has the Colts going offensive line.

If Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has doubts, he’s keeping them all to himself -
Cool story on former Colts O.C. Bruce Arians and how he has an "Indianapolis Colts" playbook that he will use in Arizona.

Looking into the Future: Long Term Drafting Needs -
Kyle Rodriguez is looking ahead at draft needs post-2013.

2013 NFL Draft: Jake’s Prospect Rankings by Position - True Blue Fans
Jake Arthur ranks all the college prospects entering the 2013 NFL Draft.

Twitter mailbag: Biggest impact free agents - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Paul Kuharsky suggests the Colts don't have faith in Donald Brown in his Twitter mailbag.

What is more important?
Reader asks if the Colts need a pass rusher, a wide receiver, or a runningback more.