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Indianapolis Colts Sign 9 Undrafted Rookie Free Agents, Cut Three Veterans

Colts announce nine rookie free agents signed, release Alvester Alexander (RB), Robert Hughes (FB), and Shawn Loiseau (LB).


We finally have an announcement from the team as to who the Indianapolis Colts signed from the collegiate free agent pool. Players signed (and we stress signed because of something we've discuss in just as sec) are:

  • Sheldon Price, CB, UCLA
  • Daxton Swanson, CB, Sam Houston Stat
  • C.O. Prime, LB, Wagner College
  • Dan Moore, FB, Montana
  • Rodrick Rumble, WR, Idaho State
  • Lanear Sampson, WR, Baylor
  • Brandon McManus, K, Temple
  • Denodus O’Bryant, RB, Lindenwood University
  • Emmett Cleary, OT, Boston College

Of this group, we know the Colts showed significant pre-draft interest in Price and Moore.

In case you didn't know this little detail as part of the CBA, players that are drafted - such as first round pick Bjoern Werner - do count against the 90-man roster this time of year even though they are not signed. After the 2013 NFL Draft had concluded, the Colts had only seven spots open.

To make room for these nine rookie free agents, veterans Alvester Alexander (RB), Robert Hughes (FB), and Shawn Loiseau (LB) were released.

The release of Robert Hughes is the second player named "Hughes" that the Colts have parted ways with this week. On Monday, 2010 first round pick Jerry Hughes was shipped off to Buffalo in a trade for Kelvin Sheppard. I can only guess the 2013 5th round draft pick Montori Hughes is so big (340 lb.) that all other "Hughes" on the roster just had to go.

Now, regarding our use of italics when referring to the word signed, if you followed our rookie free agent tracking posts over the weekend, you have probably noticed that several names are missing from the initial list we posted. Names missing from the signed list the Colts sent out include Michael Josifovsk (K, Marian College), Nigel Malone (CB, Kansas State), Jamal-Rashad Patterson (WR, Stanford), Nick Driskell (S, Mount Union), Jordan Bright (DL, Indiana State), and Jerome Cunningham (TE, Southern Connecticut State).

In the case of Josifovski, his father Tweeted that he was formally invited to Indy's rookie minicamp on May 8th. Thus, he hasn't signed any sort of contract. The same seems like for Indiana State's Jordan Bright, who wrote on Twitter that he will attend the Colts minicamp as opposed to the Redskins one that's on the same day.

Nick Driskell as well was invited, but not signed.

The reported Jamal-Rashad Patterson Twitter account where we got the news he was attached to the Colts doesn't exist anymore while the source for Jerome Cunningham coming to Indy was his teammate's Twitter. Cunningham's personal Twitter account is protected.

Finally, K-State corner Nigel Malone tweeted he was a Colt, strongly suggesting he'd been signed. Since the official release says he wasn't, it suggests he is either just a minicamp invite or... or, I don't know.

I guess we'll find out next week when the rookies show up for camp.