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Colts Waive Rookie CB Nigel Malone And Sign Tryout Player, CB Allen Chapman

One former Kansas State player takes an NFL job away from another.

Ezra Shaw

During rookie minicamp this past weekend, the Colts invited 11 rookies signed as free agents along with 13 "tryout" players. These unsigned players auditioning for the club were there solely to steal a job from one of the young guys under contract.

Apparently, in the case of former Kansas State teammates Nigel Malone and Allen Chapman, that's what happened.

Malone was signed as an undrafted rookie immediately following the 2013 NFL Draft. His former teammate in Manhattan last year, Chapman, was invite to rookie minicamp without a contract. When camp ended, it was Malone who was out of work with Chapman replacing him on the Colts roster.

Chapman is a 5'11, 176 pound corner who had five picks for the Wildcats in 2012, including 3 in one game against Oklahoma State in a 44-30 win. Chapman returned one of those picks 29 yards for a touchdown in that game. He earned the FBS Defensive Player of the Week award for that game.