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Jim Irsay Hinting At Colts Signing 6'9" 419 Pound Strongman, Hafthor Bjornsson

If you have watched the World's Strongest Man, then Jim Irsay might be trying to pluck one away. Could the Colts actually be signing a 6'9", 419 pound nose tackle!?


Jim Irsay is once again tweeting about a possible free agent signing. This is not no ordinary signing though. It's a 'wopper' of a different kind.

Irsay sounds like he is hinting at signing Hafthor Bjornsson, an Icelandic strongman. Here are the tweets below to make it much clearer for you all.

Bjornsson is 24 years old and recently finished 3rd in the 2012 World's Strongest Man competition. Before becoming a strongman, he was a basketball player. Unfortunately, a knee injury injured his basketball career.

If he can actually come in and make an impact at training camp, I think Bjornsson could push for a roster spot. I mean who would not want to have a strongman from Iceland on their team? We now have Bjoern Werner and Hafthor Bjornsson along the defensive line.

Lets hope that Hafthor could use his strongman mentality and push centers straight back into the quarterback. If Grigson found another diamond in the rough like Jerrell Freeman, then I will applaud Grigson for days.

I am loving the international flavor, Ryan Grigson!