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Well, It Turns Out Pep Hamilton Didn't Re-State His Love For The Read-Option

Turns out the video of Pep Hamilton advocating more read-option in the Colts playbook is an old one.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So, a few days ago - back before SB Nation's entire network went to sh*t because of some sort of technical issue - we posted an article with a link to what seemed like a new video interview with Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton where he, seemingly once again, advocated the use of the pistol, read-option in the Colts offense.

The video was embedded in a May 11th online rookie minicamp report written by our friend Craig Kelley (super nice guy, in case you've never met him). Craig's article was posted on the same day Hamilton was made available to the media, along with Colts defensive coordinator Greg Manusky. So, naturally, we just assumed it was a new video, and saw it as Hamilton answering new questions from Colts PR employee Jeffrey Gorman.

Turns out it wasn't a new video, but actually something recorded back in February when Hamilton took the offensive coordinator job.

In the timeline of events, it all makes sense. Back in February, Hamilton was fresh-faced and excited about possibly implementing the latest "fad" in the NFL. However, in March, Chuck Pagano used the owners meetings to effectively squash any notion that Andrew Luck would run the read-option. We saw the video embedded in Craig's rookie minicamp report and thought, Jesus, WTF is Hamilton doing yapping about read-option again?

So, again, Coach Pep has apparently gotten the memo regarding read-option. The video isn't new. Order is restored to the universe. Cats and dogs are not sleeping together. Mass hysteria avoided.

Thanks to Kyle Rodriguez of for pointing out the error. Obviously, we would have preferred Kyle or someone else in his clan to just email or tweet us and say, Hey, you know that video is old, right? But, Kyle apparently wanted to write an article about the whole thing and, in the process, grind an ax or two. Whatever. It's cool.

His words aren't worth the angst either.

Apologizes to Coach Hamilton for thinking he was an insane, stubborn, read-option-loving fool openly defying the public statements of his bosses. To be honest, we kind of hope to see Hamilton call some read-option plays during training camp or preseason just to see Chuck Pagano and Jim Irsay's reactions.

Listen, it's the offseason. Something has to entertain us.

Pep Hamilton's Quotes Misreported, Cause Unnecessary Angst- ColtsAuthority