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Indianapolis Colts OTAs: Offensive Scheme Under Pep Hamilton Should Begin to Take Shape

What will the Colts' offense look like under Pep Hamilton? OTAs should begin to show some signs of things to come.

Michael Hickey

The Indianapolis Colts began their first set of OTAs on Monday, kicking off the beginning of practices for the team and its new faces.

With OTAs now officially beginning, one of the bigger things for fans and media alike to start watching out for is how the offense will run.

The addition of Pep Hamilton brought in plenty of excitement and buzz around Indianapolis. Back when Hamilton was hired, there was plenty of talk about potential running plays out of the pistol or wildcat formations, and even potentially some read-option plays.

Now, a lot of that hype has died down and been replaced with talk of a "No Coast Offense". The idea that of this offensive gameplan is essentially that they would have a playbook with plays from the days of Peyton Manning, plays last year with Bruce Arians, and plays from Stanford back when Luck and Hamilton were there together.

While all this talking about what the offensive playbook will look like is all pretty unclear at the moment, one thing that people are beginning to speculate about is a power running game using zone blocking schemes.

The big hint about this came from the NFL Draft back in April. The Colts brought in two offensive linemen in Hugh Thornton and Khaled Holmes who are both aggressive guys that could play well in a zone blocking scheme. The additions of both Gosder Cherilus and Donald Thomas also point to this being the case.

Regardless, OTAs should now finally bring some of these questions about the offense to light. The team and players will be beginning to run plays out of the playbook starting now, so fans should keep a close eye on what's being reported on the offense.

We may not see the whole offensive strategy starting right now, but we may start getting a feel for this offense thanks to OTAs.