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Colts NT Josh Chapman Finally Looks Ready to Play in 2013

The expectations for Josh Chapman are quite high after missing his entire rookie season. Can he live up to the hype?

Kevin C. Cox

Fans of the Indianapolis Colts seemed fairly excited after the team picked up Josh Chapman in the fifth round of the 2012 draft.

After missing his entire first year, the excitement has continued to build in anticipation for his first game on the field in the NFL.

A knee injury sidelined Chapman all last season, but now things are looking up. According to Craig Kelley of, Chapman is completely healthy. Chapman apparently said that he's "full go" and "100 percent" heading into OTAs starting on Monday.

Apparently, the team likes Chapman enough to have him working with the first team once OTAs begin. At 6'0'' and 316 pounds, the defensive tackle will be looking to earn a starting job with the team.

It will be no easy task for Chapman, as he will be facing some stiff competition. He will be competing for a starting job along with Aubrayo Franklin and Brandon McKinney.

At Alabama, Chapman showed off tremendous strength. Combining that with his big size helped him fill lanes and disrupt plays with ease. He has a good football IQ for a defensive tackle, meaning that he understands his job on defense isn't always making tackles or sacks, but often opening up plays for the linebackers.

Stamina was an issue in college, but hopefully Chapman has worked on that while trying to get healthy. He was consistently a two-down player in college, but hopefully the Colts can find ways to use him even more.

There's a lot of hype surrounding Chapman now that he is returning, and that is both a blessing and a curse for the young player. It's good in the sense that he's getting an opportunity to start, but a problem because he could end up disappointing a number of people.

No one knows for sure how well he will play in 2013, but a lot of fans are certainly rooting for him.