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Colts Sign Former CFL And AFL OLB Caeser Rayford

Ryan Grigson brings in another project player, hoping to replicate the success Indianapolis had last year with CFL star Jerrell Freeman.


The Colts continue to look for diamonds in the rough that will, hopefully, make their 2013 pass rush a bit more sparkly. Indianapolis has signed outside linebacker Caeser Rayford, formerly of the CFL and, most recently, of the AFL's Utah Blaze.

To make room for Rayford on the team's 90-man roster, the Colts waived linebacker Jake Killeen.

If you have no idea who Jake Killeen is, that's OK. I follow pretty much every move this team makes. I dissect every decision they finalize. I write, and write, and write some more... and yet, I had no idea a guy named Jake Killeen was even on this team.

Now, there's Caesar Rayford, a 267 pound outside linebacker who stands a staggering 6'7! How the hell can a guy who is 6'7 can play outside backer? I guess we'll see.

Per, Rayford played 35 games at the University of Washington. He earned just 13 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 5.5 tackles for loss, four passes defensed, one forced fumble, and blocked a kick.

Like former Army standout Josh McNary, who was signed by the Colts as a free agent before the 2013 NFL Draft, Rayford seems like a project player. So, don't get too excited about his chances of making the 53-man roster in August.

Then again, 2012 leading tackler Jerrell Freeman was a project player last year. I guess anything is possible.