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Toler Bootgate: Colts Greg Toler Sits Out of OTAs With A Sore Foot

Yep, Toler's hurt already.

Christian Petersen

I think it's fair to say that, at this point, Colts corner Greg Toler is intentionally messin' with me.

OK, maybe he isn't, but it certainly feels that way (through no real fault of his own).

First we wrote that the oft-injured veteran wasn't wearing a protective boot on his right foot at OTAs. Then, a Twitter follower sent us a picture showing that he clearly was. Then, we saw that Toler was practicing on Tuesday, and thus the concern over the boot might have been a bit premature.

Now, we get word from George Bremer that Toler sat out of Wednesday's OTA practice because of... yeah, you know where this is going... a sore foot.

Not good.

As a few people have noted, perhaps it's better that Toler get his injury bug out of the way now as opposed to during the season. My counter to that is Toler has never been healthy in the NFL. Ever. He's always hurt.

Of a possible 64 games since Toler was drafted in 2009, he's missed 26 because of injuries, including the entire 2011 season with a torn ACL.

Also, we're in OTAs, kids. These are glorified workouts. No pads. No hitting. No tackling. Is Toler going to magically heal up once other people start slamming their bodies into him?

Yes, it's late-May, but stuff like this is still frustrating. I've watched Toler's tape and he really showcases some great cover skills. However, if he can't stay on the field, what good are those skills?