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Jim Irsay Is 'Upside Down' After Hip Surgery, Wants to Pay Ahmad Bradshaw 'SERIOUS Coin'

Colts owner Jim Irsay says he had hip replacement surgery recently and, despite being "upside down," wants to give free agent Ahmad Bradshaw "a pile of SERIOUS Coin."

Rob Carr

For a while now, Colts owner Jim Irsay has been dealing with a bad hip. Hey, the man is 53 years old, and as one local Indianapolis reporter told me, "Getting old sucks."

On Monday, Irsay suggested on Twitter that he'd had surgery to replace his hip. We wish the Colts owner a speedy and complete recovery so that he can get back to the business of being bonkers insane (and, thus, providing us with endless opportunities to second guess and question his decision-making).

Seriously, get well, Jim Irsay. We're glad you finally got that new hip.

However, despite what was likely a delicate medical procedure, that did not deter Irsay from jumping on Twitter Monday evening and using the social media foil to take a few stabs at sports agent Drew Rosenhaus, the man who represents free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw. The same Ahmad Bradshaw the Colts are trying to get signed so he can participate in mandatory minicamp, which begins today (Tuesday).

This prompted a response from Rosenhaus:

All signs point to this eventual deal to happen soon. Possibly today. In fact, if it doesn't happen today, I'll be shocked. From what I understand, Bradshaw and Rosenhaus are waiting the Colts out, looking to see if they will up their offer in order to get him in minicamp.

It's a leverage game, and right now the leverage for Bradshaw and his agent is minicamp.