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Report: Colts Sign RB Ahmad Bradshaw To One-Year Deal

The Colts wisely sign the veteran, two-time Super Bowl champions to bolster their thin stable of running backs.


Well, the deal finally got done.

After visiting the Indianapolis Colts last week, but leaving without a deal signed, free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw has agreed to a one-year deal with Indy:

It'll be interesting to see if Jim Irsay really did give Bradshaw some "SERIOUS Coin" or if the two-time Super Bowl champion back was simply signed to a veteran-minimum contract.

Regardless, the Colts and their general manager Ryan Grigson have roped in a very good running back. How good? Giants blogger Ed Valentine sent me his thoughts on the now-former New York tailback:

Colts fans will come to love watching Ahmad Bradshaw play, and to appreciate the effort he gives and what he goes through to get ready to play. New York Giants fans certainly did the past few seasons.

Nobody plays harder, runs harder or gives more effort than Bradshaw. All of that sounds like a cliche and is, but it's true with Bradshaw. Here is what the Giants' brass said when they released Bradshaw:

GM Jerry Reese: "Pound for pound, Bradshaw is one of the toughest football players that I've been around. Ahmad played football like Giants football should be played."

Coach Tom Coughlin: "Bradshaw has great toughness. He plays through anything. He doesn't just talk about playing hurt. He does play hurt. If anyone knows the quality of this man's pain threshold, all you need to do is watch him on a Monday when he can't even walk. He gets a little better on Tuesday, a little better on Wednesday. By Thursday his spirits are back up and whether he can or he can't, he's telling you he's practicing on Friday, and he does. And he plays on Sunday. And he goes through the same cycle. He did that for two or three years."

Bradshaw is still a heckuva player. If there is a yard, or an inch, available he will give everything he has to get it. Andrew Luck will love having him in the backfield on passing downs because Bradshaw, despite being a small man, pass blocks as well as any running back in the league.

OK, so if Bradshaw is so good and tough, why did the Giants let him walk?

The problem is Bradshaw's feet. I have lost track of the number of times he has broken bones in his feet or had surgeries to repair them -- and he had another one this offseason. He will give the Colts everything he has. The question is how much his feet will allow him to give? And for how long?

The hope has to be that Bradshaw splitting carries with second-year back Vick Ballard will keep him healthy throughout the season and, hopefully, into the post-season.

Bradshaw is the thirteenth veteran free agent signing made by the Colts this offseason. That has to be some sort of team record, because I have never seen the Colts spend this much on free agents in one offseason.