A few thoughts from the Colts open mini-camp

You can't tell much from the camp so here are few quick impressions:

  • Griff Whalen can separate and catch. He plays bigger than his measurables
  • DHB looks smaller than his stats but is fast
  • It's early, but if Ask KW puts on a few lbs he could be more than a returner
  • Montori is a very big man
  • Moore looks faster and smoother as a receiver than he did on tape - wow
  • Luck looked like a vet yet again
  • Walden and Werner look like big LB
  • If just one of these tall recievers proves to be a find, the Colts will be a match up nightmare, especially in the red zone with Fleener and Allen out there. Jeremy Kelley looked comfortable
  • Brown looked like he was pushing and out to impress - he better

Just another thought about Whalen - he really looked larger than life out there. It's as if he had an aura about him or something. He is one of my favorites to watch this summer.

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