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Luck: New Colts Offense Is 'Definitely Different' From Last Year

Andrew Luck sits down with CBS Sports' Clark Judge and talks about how the new offense under Pep Hamilton is different than the one he ran last year under Bruce Arians.


Second-year quarterback Andrew Luck has impressed many onlookers this offseason during OTAs and minicamp. He looks as if he's made a significant leap as a player and as a team leader... a scary thought for opposing defensive coordinators around the NFL!

Key to his development is familiarity with an offensive system, which is why it made sense that the Colts replaced departing offensive coordinator Bruce Arians with Pep Hamilton, Luck's former O.C. at Stanford.

Since Hamilton's hiring, the Colts have worked to convey to both the media and to their players that the offense might be different, but not too different than the one Arians installed last year. The reality is the offense is very different. Almost 180 degrees different.

This isn't necessarily a good or bad thing. Rather, it's just us troublemakers at Stampede Blue disseminating between the truth and "coach speak," otherwise known as bullsh*t.

In a recent interview with Clark Judge of, Andrew Luck discussed just how different the 2013 offense is from the 2012 version, sans bullsh*t.

It will be different, especially with the running game this year. We have a fullback on the roster, and I'm sure you can go back and look at some of the Stanford stuff and see what the shape of that will be. But just in terms of play-calling, the verbiage is definitely different.

And regarding his relationship with Hamilton, Luck answered:

Pep and I have a great relationship, and still had one through last season. We talked a lot, and it's nice to have him here because it's so important to communicate coordinator-to-quarterback. I learned last year to make sure I was communicating. So it's good to have someone come in whom I'm comfortable with and can communicate with and not worry about either one of us hurting each other's feelings."

And what about using that new "fullback" thing you mentioned earlier?

Luck: "[Laughs] We'll have to wait and see. I don't want to put my foot in my mouth and get into trouble. You'll see in the preseason, and you'll see in the season. Hopefully we'll be better and keep improving. That's the name of the game."

This is just a small portion of Judge's interview with Luck, which is well worth your time to read.